Baby Ahran’s 1st Holiday

   Image1142                      “Before I begin, let me tell you this would be my longest page in my blog. I have no other way but to write this a bit lengthy because my stay was long and if it is Malaysia there is a lot for me to share”. 

Ahran was 4 Months then, and we thought it would be an ideal age for him to go on his very 1st foreign trip. For hubby and I too, it was a long-awaited vacation, a ‘get away’ from all the pregnancy blues, postpartum stress and ‘raising your 1st child’ tough times. not to mention Ahran entered the story within 5 months of our marriage, and we had hence not been able to go on our honey moon. So, we thought lets take a baby-moon!

All the planning was done by myself since Zydan was way too busy with his new projects and what not. He said “you want a holiday, worry not, I’ll spend, but babe you gotta do all the planning and arrangements”. If cash is covered I’d get going finding a hotel, booking the tickets, planning the stay and deciding on the package coz we both knew where we wanted to go so much…MALAYSIA! wpid-wp-1417029370349.jpeg


Even though I lived in Malaysia before and knew alot about the country we thought going on a package tour would be easier since it would be chaos free especially since we are going with a 4 month old. As much as we thought it would go smooth it was dreadful. From getting the cab on time to not getting a bassinet seat on return everything was screwed up by our agent (never travel with Apple Holidays Sharmila Travels). We also did not get a travel itinerary until of course the last day of the package. That said, the package did have a good deal and we did enjoy however everything WE earned by calling the local agent in Malaysia, the agent in Colombo and we had to go talk to the hotel reception and get a better room etc etc.

Ahran finding a place for his buggy !
Ahran finding a place for his buggy !

We were on a 4 days 3 nights package with an extended return ticket after another 20 days. We stayed 2nights in KL, Citin Masjidh Jameik. The location of the hotel was midst a busy market (and there was a problem carrying our luggage to the hotel. We were offered a tiny room and we could hardly have Ahran’s buggy inside, so we had our room  changed to a bigger one which was much better. The hotel is good for a 3 star with a satisfactory spread for breakfast buffet and access to the mosque and markets. We went on the KL city tour the next day. It was my 3rd time I went on this city tour but this time with hubby nd Baby. =)

on the way to Genting Highlands in the Cable car!
The Cable Car ride on the way up!

On our 3rd day we went to Genting and stopped by Batu caves on our way. We stayed in the First World Hotel in Genting known to be the 1st hotel in the world built with the largest number of rooms. It was said to have more than 7000 rooms. Since the outdoor theme park was under construction we just did some shopping, fish spa and enjoyed the whether there. We then returned to Sunway and stayed the rest of the days there. During our stay we tried the Durian Buffet at SS2, visited Midvalley mega mall, visited KL twice to see the twin towers, shopped at Bukit Bintang, Pavilion, China Town, Law Yat Plaza, Sungai Wong, etc. IMG-20140826-WA0093 (1) IMG-20140826-WA0090 (1)

As a student, I spent almost 3 and half years in the Lah Lah land to complete my BSc (Hons) in Psychology and also my internship as a trainer. I could speak for hours if you ask me about Malaysia and not to mention it is ‘The’ most favorite destination of mine for a vacation.

What I love about Malaysia
A. THE FOOOD…oh yumm… nd cheeeeapp lol
I would say I did not travel much of Malaysia during my stay there as a student but I did try food from Ipoh, Klang, KL of course and Selangor. Ipoh had primarily Chinese cousin while in Klang I found a variety but since I ate only halal I had to settle for some Indian food during my short trip there.

Some of my all time favorites of Malaysian cousine include: Nasi Lamak (it hass to start with this), Nasi Goreng China, Tom Yum fried rice, pineapple fried rice which are both Thai food but also found in Malaysia, Ikan Bakar, Bee hoon goreng (don’t much like mee goreng though), the economy mixed rice (Chinese stalls not Malay), oh did I forget the gorgeous Rotti Canai (pronounced chanai), rotti goreng, roti susu, roti telur ehem well everything made of that amazing rotti and teh tarik (pronounced thé tharéh), lovely cakes from secret recipe, the sweet as ever tropical fruits Durian, Rambutan, Matha Kuchin, Lychee, honey jack fruit, chestnuts, jumbu (Rose apples and Guavas) and the list is endless……………… infinite haha!

There was a time I ate an alternate choice of either Tom Yum Fried rice or pineapple Fried Rice for several months without getting bored. It was from this particular Thai stall at the food court called Rock Cafe or Medan a couple of minutes walk from uni. I have this habit of not having  enough of some food that I religiously LOVE and I also have particular dishes from some restaurants that I constantly order. Given a chance I’d still go there for it and as a matter of fact I did this time when I went there for my vacation. However the quality of the dish has changed a lot over this 3 years, sadly no crab sticks or mushrooms anymore in the Tom Yum Rice and not enough seasoning in the Pineapple Fried Rice. You might get an idea if you visit my Pinterest Board on what to eat in Malaysia.

THE Pineapple Fried Rice that I went for over and again, only this time less impeccable! 😦  20140829_230510IMG-20140826-WA0029 (1) IMG-20140826-WA0056  20140820_211335 IMG-20140826-WA0067 (1) IMG-20140826-WA0033 (1)IMG-20140829-WA0069

B. My University

Malaysia has some of the best Universities of the world such as Sunway, Monash, Tailors, Limkokwing etc. I was attached to Sunway which is a 27 year old University as of 2014. With many foreign affiliated and degree transfer programs with the US, UK and Australia, Sunway stands out to be the most sorted after Universities for students from the Middle East and Asia. It also has some of the Internationally reputed preschool programs  and an International School. I must have been lucky to study there since student life was amazing in Sunway. The city itself is a student friendly city, with easy commuting facilities such as free shuttle buses that take you around the main areas of the city with easy accessibility to banks, restaurants, shopping spots and much more. Unlike other universities like Nilai or Limkokwing which were in the interiors, Sunway for me had the most awesome(est) of locations. As long as we knew how to balance off between study and fun it wouldn’t be a distracting place to stay with the proximity to malls and clubs. If we wanted to go shopping, dinner, quick coffees, grocery shopping, watch movies or just hangout with friends there was always the Pyramid Mall. If we needed to have some real fun, there was the Sunway Lagoon with amazing rides, bungee jumping and water park. If we wanted to just chill and have some local food we could always walk from the hostel to the then Jaffar’s or Muhammed’s restaurants just beside Pyramid. When it comes to hotels to stay over when our parents visit us, there is the Sunway Resort Hotel, Sunway Tower Hotel, Summit and Sun Inn (budget hotel) at close proximity to the university. Apart from the Monash and Sunway hostels, other student accommodations include the Lagoon View Condo, the Palm Ville Condo, Ritzuwan Condo, PJS housing scheme or Indah Villah. If you are an International student reading this and looking to study in Sunway, you may contact me personally for any advice, suggestions or any clarifications. 🙂 


SUnway Hostel
SUnway Hostel


D. Shopping Paradise – KL

KL is a great place for shopping from branded items at the malls (Pavilion, Parkson, BB plaza) to second quality to fake items at the bargain markets of Law Yat Plaza, China Town and Bukit Bintang, Masjidh India etc. Whatever your needs may be, you get everything in KL just fitting your budget and taste. It is however important to have your bargaining skills at hand and perhaps a Malaysian accent especially in China Town and BB where you can buy stuff at half the display price just by speaking smart. Do not ever settle for the price they call for. Go ahead and be brave to bargain. Mention that you were offered the same item at a way lower price in the other shop and for your surprise you will buy things for Your price and not theirs. Below are some shopping I did for friends and kids in family.
20140910_095026 20140910_095124 20140917_212547 IMG-20140826-WA0071

Petaling Street
Red Jumbu at the China Town / Petaling Street
Duck ..


C. Genting Highlands

I’ve been to Genting about 6 times including my recent trip with hubby and baby. It’s an amazing place with an awesome whether and a fun theme park. And FYI the Genting theme park is said to be under construction for the next 3 years so if your planning to visit you might as well make up your mind that your missing one heck of a thrill. If you ask me its better you make your plans on Genting once the new park is risen. On my previous trips with friends ive had the best of times in the chilly weather, going on all the rides there is and am expecting much trilling rides in the new one to come.

A pic from 2009 – Beril Chocolate Wonderland
You have not been to Malaysia if you don’t know the Beryl’s Chocolates

???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  15-05-09_1203 15-05-09_1847

E. Some other great places to visit if you go to Malaysia would be Lankawi, Penang and Cameron Highlands. I wont be able to comment much about these locations since I could not go there. Perhaps next time I will. “Zydan, Isn’t that a DEAL? (whink whink)”


4 thoughts on “Baby Ahran’s 1st Holiday

  1. Nice experience, Sis! 🙂 I suggest you, if you visit Malaysia again, please continue your journey to Indonesia. Malaysia is Indonesian’s neighbor. So near! 🙂


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