Ahran’s FIRSTs

Ahran’s First Clear Scan Photos


Ahran’s 1st day in this world / 1st photograph / his 1st look at his family

IMG-20140403-WA0002 Ahran was brought to me minutes after his birth. I kissed his soft pink cheeks and recited “Allahu Akbar” and Shahadha thrice in his ears before he was taken to his dad and my family who were waiting outside the operation theater. I wish Zydan was with me to have taken a family selfie with the new-born. 😦

His 1st snap at the Hospital Cot


His 1st Closeup

20140403_132454 - Copy

1st day at home

At the entrance

First Holiday / Flight


1st time He Turned Over


1st Peekaa Boo


1st Henna


1st Hair Cut


At Salon Aparna: A very friendly woman who does the hair for kids, less expensive, pretty decent job. 

1st Meal Time 



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