Pre-Ahran – Labor and everything in between


In the name of getting glued on to the TV I was doing my usual day dreaming only the time was 10 pm and dizzy I felt if I had to describe it. I have not felt that way before, it was as if the wall was falling over me or my vision was getting all blurred. I almost fainted….

This lead to a HCG test at home, the “pee on the strip” process only to find out a negative result and not much disheartened by it anyway, I continued breathing. This was followed by a couple of fainting experiences and couple of more tests and this time POSITIVE! It takes time to show they say.. 🙂

This section is aimed at sharing with my readers, the awesome experience of pregnancy and labor in my life. For those young girls out there who are thinking of getting married or having a baby it is not too late or early but the right time you read this and if you landed here you are just one lucky girl who I wish I was 2 years ago!

Not every woman experiences the same kind of pregnancy. The symptoms vary from person to person and so does the intensity of them. There are those who go through it all (please attach my name in here, in big bold letters), some just few and some others who have none of it, the ‘symptoms’. If you have read:

“….your face will glow as a rising sun, and your skin will look fresh and feminine. Your body will go through beautiful changes and you will be so joyous and happy, satisfying all your food cravings and looking amazingly slim and fair….”

Now THAT I am telling you, is pure fantasy, well at least some part of it. In my case All!

Symptoms – Trimester 1 and 2327a4ed7867f860205bf76c0cbef41c7

Until I was assured by my the doctor I was not certain that I was conceived and I had no clue about the symptoms and what is at stake for me for the next 9 months to come and not to mention “how to look after a baby” after that. I was also one of those girls who thought that pregnancy only consisted of the cravings, weight gains, initial few puking sessions and perhaps some tiredness towards the last trimester. It was far from reality! “What the hell did they show on the Bollywood cinema when the girls just vomited like once ONLY and then I thought it doesn’t continue?”

I had all the following symptoms from day 17 of conception and some of them had no comforting treatments; Need I say More?:

  1. Nausea
  2. Bloated feeling just after eating
  3. Extreme food aversions (which developed over all food including water during the later stages 😦  )
  4. Gradual inability to consume anything including water (vomited everything I ate)
  5. Extreme weight-loss (I had to take IV fluids to keep myself active). I lost about 13 kgs by 5 and half months 
  6. I practically lived on a lot of coca cola which I advice none of the mothers to follow, it is highly dangerous for you to have coke even if you are not pregnant and not to mention worse in my case for the amount I drank each day 😦 I couldn’t help it! I had to keep myself hydrated
  7. Abnormally frequent salivating (I practically walked with a “spitty cup”(I called it)
  8. I vomited every morning until the day I went to the hospital to give birth to Ahran (yellow bile kind of substance, forgive me for the additional details hehe 😉 )
  9. Gastritis
  10. Heart burn
  11. and many more….

3rd Trimester

My third trimester was relatively better, during which I had cravings and ate whatever I felt like eating. Some of my worse food aversions became my most favorite during the last few months (e.g., cold milk). I also really went out of my house in my 7th month to a park or to meet a friend until which I mostly avoided crowds, travelling and even disliked having to answer visitors. I only visited the doctor for the monthly checkup and I was practically not enjoying life one bit, waiting and waiting for the day to see my baby and get rid of all the vomiting and etc.

Cravings I had for Haroon (click here to visit my Pinterest Board  )

What I packed in the Hospital bag, where I did my baby Shopping, what necessities I collected are all covered in a separate section as another post. Please check it out on:


 20140403_012200 20140403_012230

I gave birth in Nawaloka Hospital. I was having a condition in which my amniotic fluid levels were less than normal but I was not diagnosed with Oligohydramnios. Due to this condition I was prepared for induced labor 21 days prior to my predicted birthing date.

After several techniques of inducing a normal birth and with no avail I was taken for an emergency C-Section which I wish they decided on 1 day prior to me going through all the labor pain that I went through (almost 6 hours of labor pain and then taken for C Section). So ask me about the normal delivery labor pain, I’ve gone through it. Ask me about the C-Section Anesthesia on your spine and if that was painful “Hell No! what would be painful after 6 hours of labor pain?” I would therefore personally suggest that if there be any complications and the doctor suggest you go for a C Section just go for it. It is much easier than anything at all. Even the post C-Section experiences are not all that haunting. You will be fit and ready for another baby by 6 months said my Gynecologist 😛 She was crazy but that’s the normal terms.

Post C-Section

  1. Do not panic with the plaster would peel off or anything because it won’t happen even when you take a bath until the 5th day on which you can remove it off the plaster isn’t going to come off. So Chill there!
  2. Do not feel hesitant to walk a little smarter, heads up spine stretched high. Just be normal and slowly push your spine up and stand/walk straight. You might have a tendency to walk with a little hunch back in fear of the stitches removing or some paranoid thoughts. Keep your posture right!
  3. Do not lift/carry or hold anything (except of course your baby) heavier than say 6Kgs? for the 1st 3 or 4 months ONLY! not until the kid is 1 year! In my case I was fine by 3 months.
  4. Do not use a postpartum tummy belt until 6 months post delivery, perhaps even a little later, depending on the healing of your internals. You may feel a slight pain if you wear it too tight at 6 months.
  5. Do appropriate post delivery tummy tucking exercises from 7 months. Start SLOW! Be consistent! walking is the best. A complete body work out. I did my treadmill since i had no way of going out for a walk with no one to look after Ahran. I did 15 mins on Level 4.5 followed by 20 mins then 30 to 45 mins or an hour at level 5 or 6 on an elevation of at least 6. 🙂 Boxing is a great thing as part of a postpartum work out regimen.
  6. Keep yourself hydrated, drink loads of water and fresh juices. Not only does this help you produce more breast milk but also keeps you fresh and active.

P.S:     Should you have any personal questions to discuss with me I am more than happy to assist you with the necessary advice or suggestions. Shoot out your questions as a comment below or email me at You may discuss from nursing to parenting after age 1 or anything for that matter regarding child care or pregnancy. I would be glad to share my experiences with you. 🙂 


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