10 things I learnt through “College Life”

  1. 2831dc6ff8bc53fc0f0066fefd296bdfIndependence: The very 1st thing I learnt was independence. Travelling to Malaysia alone and settling down was not very difficult for me but it was indeed a new experience: every bit of it. Back home everything was taken care of by my mom but once I was in the hostel I had to take care of everything let alone study and do my assignments. I learnt never to depend on any one and use every chance I got to learn new things so that I can do those the next time without any ones help, for e.g., banking, paying the bills, bus routes, travelling alone etc.
  2. Help others: The next thing I learnt was to help others as much as I could. By helping others I realized that Allah would never leave me helpless and I always received assistance from anyone (not necessarily the person I had helped) at times of difficulties. It is important for us to be helpful to one another when we live in another country far from home. It pays off.
  3. Cooking: I learnt a large part of my cooking skills living alone in Malaysia. I tried a lot of Thai and Chinese dishes with the recipes I got from my friends. I also learnt to make smoothies and healthy meals while I was going to the Gym.
  4. Compering/Public Speaking: Skill wise I realized that I had an ability to be a host for stage shows in Uni. I hosted almost 15 shows most large scale with over 1500 audience in large auditoriums and some small scale events as well. I was also sorted after by other universities to host their shows. It was an incredible experience and I had the chance to develop the skill.
  5. Self Confidence: My confidence level did increase when I was able to achieve in academics and extra curricular activities. I also had an encouraging friends circle who gave me a lot of motivation.
  6. Friendship: I learnt never to BELONG  to a particular group or gang. It restricts me from doing things at my pace and my choice. It becomes a personal hindrance and creates problems, unnecessary competition and jealousy among others. I was always everyone’s buddy but I called only a selective bunch my friends and only one person my BEST FRIEND. For me the word ‘friendship’ carries a deep meaning.
  7. Money Management: My Mom topped up whenever I asked for cash, but I always made sure I spent wisely and stuck to the monthly budget. Spending as a student did make me good with money and it also helps me now.
  8. Socializing Skills: I made friends with people from various countries in Uni. I never hesitated to speak to new people weather at an event or in need for assistance. I was always out-spoken and bubbly and my socializing skills developed. However I am very picky here when it came to who I would socialize with. You gotta have your choices babe! 😉77250d20de5a0449402969d6d86eda31
  9. Time Management: I lived in an amazing place called Sunway and entertainment options are endless there. However as a good student 😉 (well I was) I managed my time well for studies, assignments, gym, movies, shopping, hangouts etc., of course prioritizing studies.
  10. Priorities: Talking of prioritizing it was a skill I learnt only in Uni where choices were immense, and I had no restrictions or anyone to interfere with my decisions so I learnt to give importance to what deserved it.

I wouldn’t be the Hiba I am now if it was not for my university life and what those 3 and half years gave me. It was indeed a gift from Allah and my parents! I couldn’t have asked for more. ALHAMDHULILLAH!


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