What to pack in your Hospital Bag before going for Delivery?

72749b2d7a6824e0121bed04bc99f327First get yourself a big cool beach bag if your one of those who loves funkiness in everything, like me! Next get your baby a cute basket or a pretty baby stuff box with a handle so that you can carry it to the Hospital. 🙂 I was taken almost a month before my predicted date of giving birth so I was not all that prepared, but let me share with you what you should pack! 🙂

For Momy:

  1. At least 3 short tops with front opening (nursing and comfort during delivery)
  2. Wrap around skirts with a tying ribbon (easy access for doctors for checkups)
  3. Get a few soft cotton shawls instead of Hijabs
  4. A pack of safety pins
  5. Some good quality maternity pads (the hospital does provide them though)
  6. An extra bed sheet for yourself since it can be cold even on usual days you may not feel cold normally
  7. Rubber slippers to use within the room and the toilet
  8. Amenities such as cologne/perfume (preferably not strong ones), deo, powder, eyeliner (you will have to be presentable after giving birth too 😉  ) do take a shower gell/soap, a sachet or 2 shampoo or travel pack bottles, a pack of soft facial tissues, comb, scrunchies, crocodile clip or anything to tie up your hair to feel comfortable.
  9. Something like your hubby’s photograph or a flower vase to keep on the table to feel like home when there. you may be just happy with your tab or phone too. your Way!
  10. You might want to take a beautiful new dress that you would want to wear when coming home with your little one. I made myself a long max dress, in soft purple and polka dots and a matching scarf. This is mine below: 😛 I would not wear it until i give birth to my next child InshaAllah that is if I did! 😛20140215_104906
  11. Nursing pads, wash clothes for wiping and good nursing bras are other things you will need while you learn and get the grip of breast feeding during 1st day.

For Baby:


  1. Baby nappies (a few) with nappy pins and rubber tie pants (the ti-able ones are great)
  2. Diapers (few)
  3. Changing mat or rubber sheet (to dress up baby on and during nappy changing)
  4. Baby Amenities: Cologne, top to toe shower gel, baby cream, baby powder, powder puff
  5. Some honey, zam zam water and a few Ajwa dates (if you may have some). This is for welcoming the baby by giving a tiny drop of honey and a drop of zam zam with softened dates
  6. Baby frocks (5 or more)
  7. Baby Moses basket to bring back the baby in or a Buggy (I took the buggy/trolley
  8. A good thick baby bed sheet
  9. Cot sheets and swaddling flannel sheets with a hood
  10. A pair of socks (new born size)
  11. A cap (new born size)
  12. Mittens if the weather is cold
  13. In case you may have trouble with feeding the baby it is advisable to carry with you a 2 Oz small baby feeding bottle if you had to express BM and bottle feed for some reason of baby being taken away (etc). Take a well sterilized bottle if it is new to make it ready to be used.
  14. A good camera and a pre-appointed camera man within the family – your sister or niece or anyone can take this responsibility to cover the entire joyous moments and candid shots so that you don’t miss any great moments. for your baby Journal

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