Five Dishes a good BBQ Menu should have

In my opinion a good BBQ menu should consist of a delicious fresh salad, either the creamy dressed or plain dressed, a good marinade is the key to succulent crispy chicken or beef whatever your protein is, a good wholesome bread item, a fizzy drink (what’s more awesome if that’s home-made?) and an amazingly sexy desert to wrap it all up with satisfaction. What more could the guests ask for? If you’re hosting a BBQ next time make sure you have all these elements in your menu and also make sure there is plenty of cold water and some green tea for the health conscious ( “majorly optional cuz what the ../ Does BBQ go with green tea eva?” ).

We had a BBQ night for the new year’s and I thought I’d share with you guys, the ‘how to make’ of the dishes we served. You might take an inspiration and make your own menu the way it fits the taste of your guests. 🙂

Impeccable Recipe 3

BBQ Chicken:

How do you prep the Chicken?

If your planning to host the party tomorrow night make sure you cut, clean and wash your chicken tonight. The next day morning add the marinade to the chicken and leave it on throughout the day so by sevenish when you start your BBQ they will be well absorbed and tender. Basically your chicken would need a marinating time of a good 5 to 6 hours at the least.

For the Marinade (quantity is for 1 chicken weighing 1kg; multiply as appropriate)

  1. 2 tsp Garlic paste or finely chopped garlic
  2. 1 tsp Ginger paste
  3. 5 tblsp Olive oil
  4. Salt for taste
  5. 2 to 3 tbls Lime juice
  6. 2 tblsp Chilli powder
  7. 1 tsp Pepper
  8. 1 tblsp BBQ sauce

*Some people do use a yogurt based marinade, the downside would be that it would char the skin of the meat hence preventing it from cooking well in the inside which is not what we want. Besides it is an indian way of doing it and would be best for a pan roasting recipe. It does taste good when pan roasted.

Impeccable Recipe 4

Garlic bread with Prawns


  1. French bugged
  2. Salted Butter or margarine
  3. Garlic finely chopped (2 tsp butter : 1 tsp finely chopped garlic)
  4. Hot Paprika (a pinch)
  5. Rosemary
  6. Mayonnaise (opt)
  7. Shallots very finely chopped and caramelized in olive oil with a pinch of salt (browned)
  8. Sliced black olives
  9. Grated cheddar cheese
  10. Grated mozzarella cheese
  11. Full Prawns with the tail washed cleaned and marinated in a little olive oil, lime juice and salt for 15 mins

How to assemble and bake:

  1. Slice french bread in to 1 inch slices
  2. Mix in butter and finely chopped garlic with rosemary and paprika
  3. Apply this on both sides of the slice and place on a baking dish
  4. Spoon in the caramelized shallots and place one prawn each on the slices
  5. Place a few olives just enough to give the pop look (and of course for the taste)
  6. Sprinkle some cheddar and mozzarella cheese on top
  7. Bake for 5 to 7 minutes at 140 C
  8. Serve crispy with crispy juicy BBQ chicken 😉

Impeccable Recipe 5

My take on the ever Creamy Crunchy BBQ Salad

This ones a keep! Like totally! But wait, if you don’t like creamy salads, then go to ehhh I mean go have some lettuce 😛 haha! But trust me you are going to love this simple yumchum! 🙂






Toss together the following in a large bowl: EASY!

  1. Iceberg lettuce
  2. Baby carrots (whole)
  3. Apples (Strictly cut in to maximum 12 chunky cubes preferably without peeling; you may use 2 colors)
  4. Raisins (large ones)
  5. Oranges (peeled, deseeded)
  6. Gherkins (cut to chunky cubes with the skin, take out the seeded center)
  7. Cherry Tomatoes (red and yellow; whole)
  8. Grapes (whole, you may half them and deseed or use the seedless, whole sweet grapes)
  9. Sweet corn
  10. Deseeded black olives
  11. Almonds/walnuts (halved optional)
  12. Mix 1 tbls Mayonese/Greek Yogurt (either) + 2 tbls thousand island dressing + salt + 1/4 tsp white pepper + 1 drop of Vinegar + a hint of Tabasco (opt) – This is the ratio and you may multiply based on quantity

Thinking of it I want to make this now. Yumm! Practically you can combine your own preferred ingredients for this salad. the key to this is to bring in the crunchiness at the same time the creaminess to the salad. this may be a little heavy but I am sure you would not settle for a small serving whatsoever! It has to be made fresh and served fresh!

Last not the least, The Desert! Every meal’s gotta have a Sweet Queen to wrap the party/meal up! So here you go!

Impeccable Recipe 6 & 7

What is more fascinating than a home made Mojito or a Pina Colada?

Its pretty simple to make your own non alcoholic drinks and here is how:


wpid-img-20140202-wa0022.jpgThis recipe is C/O hubby so is the one below. He was incharge of the drinks bar at our BBQ party so he had even made up a video on the “How tos” which i obviously don’t prefer to share (too exaggerated :P).

So here’s how:

  1. Preferably set up your bar next to the fridge/freezer.
  2. Use an ice crusher and crush some ice
  3. Crush some slices of lemon/lime and mint and keep them separately
  4. Have some brown sugar and salt
  5. Have a few bottles of 7Up/Sprite
  6. When some one comes over and asks for a Mojito, just add some crushed ice, in to your glass, a couple of slices of crushed lime, a tsp of brown sugar a pinch of salt and pour in the 7Up. Now garnish with a few crushed mint leaves and top with a slit lemon slice on the rim of your glass. Pop in a straw before you serve.
  7. Of course you can make a batch of both your drinks and serve on your counter and make another batch when they are nearly flying away. 😉

Pina Colada

wpid-img-20140202-wa0013.jpgWell, this drink is exotic as you may be already imagining, but very fortunately non-alcoholic and apparently tastes the same sans the (after effects) as heard from a friend who has had the alcoholic version of it. Who cares, we love the juice! 😛 All we want is NO ALCOHOL, exotic and home made!

You will need:

A blender (juice maker, I use magic bullet)

Crushed ice

Pine apple juice (store bought)

Yogurt (plain)

Brown sugar

pineapple pieces 1 can (with the stew juice)

some coconut water

Juice it up as follows:

  1. Blend together all ingredients except crushed ice
  2. Add 2 scoops of crushed ice on to tall glasses
  3. Pour the blended juice
  4. Serve with a slice of pineapple clipped to the rim of your glass

Impeccable Recipe 8

For a BBQ the desert’s gotta be light but not compromising on the sweet side so what more could beat Chocolaty, silky centered S’mores, with BBQed Marshmallows! YUMsickle!



  1. Jumbo sized marshmallow (a bag)
  2. Long toothpicks (to BBQ the Marshmallows)
  3. Nutella / Peanut butter or Hershey’s Chocolate squares (any chocolate you wish)
  4. Tea Biscuit (square-shaped) or Marie Biscuit (Maliban Premium Marie – the larger one)
  5. Milk chocolate chips (1 small pack)

How to assemble and serve?

  1. BBQ the marshmallow and place one on a biscuit
  2. Apply Nutella on another biscuit and sandwich them both
  3. You may sprinkle in some choc chips if you wish


This is certainly a very simple recipe. Probably you can have the kids busy with preparing these for the guests or you just can set up a S’More bar like the above and people can self prepare. I have suggested a simple and light desert only to have a good finish. You can always have a Devil’s Food Cake or Death By Chocolate instead! and IF you do, Please invite ME! 🙂


Apart from the BBQ Must Haves, there are certain other interesting, easy and delicious sides you can prepare all on the same grill. You can just wrap up some sweet potatoes, potatoes or some corn on the cob with a foil paper and throw it on your BBQ grill for a good 15 minutes and you will have some hot, charred vege platter too to go with your protein. Remember however to season with some salt.






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