The perks of being a tall woman

At 5.8 and being a SRILANKAN, has surely kept me heads up (not that I had a choice) ever since I hit my growth spurt at 15. Ever since when, not only did I stop looking at high heels let alone wear them, but also stopped dreaming of being able to find a man at least my height. Considering all the downsides of being a tall girl in a country where an average woman stands at 5.1, it was not all that fun despite ofcourse everyone around me including my family, friends and strangers saying “you are lucky to have this height, embrace it!” ive not been able to do that bit quite well. However there are ofcourse so many perks of being tall as I am and it wouldn’t count up to anything more. Thought, I might as well blog them.

1. You’ll basically look good in most of the clothes you wear, especially saries, lehengas, long skirts, jeans, Abayas, maxi gowns, name it. Being tall just compliments whatever you throw over yourself more than what the costume could perhaps do to you.

2. It adds up to one’s personality in terms of giving a relatively more confident, smart, witty, and bold impression also increasing one’s self-esteem. This in turn helps in making good first impressions during interviews (in turn increasing the probability of getting the job), meetings, among colleagues and other events.

3. Too tall for a woman may not be every man’s desire but there is a fair number of men who have a thing for it. Long legs, are definitely something I’d like to believe all men like. Im saying Too Tall since it comes down to how tall the man is when it comes to judging the height of the woman he would like to date so this is a relative thing and it depends. However at parting or college events you can’t deny you caught the attention of all the tall guys in the crowd more than your peers did earning sone jealose eyes your side.

4. Tall women stand out, get more attention and can manage to have a good view of whatever they want to look at when among a crowd. They can see the horizin more clearly and have more breathing soace fir that matter. If you’re a shorty reading this, I’ve been waiting to say “the weather up here is just as, over the surface of the earth where you breath 🙂 “.

5. Definitely height helps in scaring bad boys so it depends on how you use your asset at a given situation. It is most likely you find yourself guarded travelling alone, shopping or comming back home after OT in the late evenings. Being tall and athletic/solid/built saves you from being a probable victim in any gicen situation. You are less likely to be bullied at high school too.

6. Without a doubt you can reach out for things on the top most shelf at the super market and not wait to call the assistant to bring down a shirt hanging high on the cloth hanger. You can do things independently and not look too niive and dependent on others.

7. Being tall helps in childbearing and child birth as well. It helps in providing more room in the pelvic floor for expandsion during pregnancy and the same during labour. Short women are relatively reported to have a less easier labour.

Having mentioned the perks of being tall for a woman, here goes the downfalls and I’m sure if your a tall woman you might have felt this way at least once in your lifetime:

1. Ermm well if you are a taller than average girl in your society/country’s statistics then you have a problem finding a man. Yes, I am serious, you might have all what you need and more and then he might not measure up to your shoulders in height. If you are not one of those who care about physical compatibility then you are fine. As for me I was not … 😦 so this might be a dissapointing aspect but sometimes we can give up on that.

2. You might have problems finding your shoe size. If you are taller than average, then it is most likely your shoe size is bigger as well.

3. If you are tall you might be considered older than you really are. Regardless of your body shape or size, height contributes largely towards perception of age and maturity. Hence, this is surely a big thing. If you were big made, chubby or fat and tall   at the same time then that would make you look even older.


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