Indeed the years have been in my favour. One word for all that ALHAMDHULILLAH. I couldn’t have asked for more. The wrong route I thought I took, the wrong choice I regreted making, the wrong thing I thought I bought, the wrong words I used, the wrong friends I thought I made, and everything in between the wrong emotions to the wrong feelings for everything I should say ALHAMDHULILLAH. Had I not made all those “so thought” wrong choices in my life I wouldn’t have become a content wife, a responsible daughter, a fulfilling daughter in law, a loving mother, a successful HR professional (at a relatively higher position than most of the counterparts of my own age; mashaAllah ), a high achieving graduate psychologist, a more modest muslimah than before and the Now ME! ALHAMDHULILLAH FOR EVERYTHING IVE GAINED AND EVERYTHING I LOST IN MY LIFE SO FAR. it was all FOR GOOD and ALLAH KNOWS BEST and gives only what’s best for us though we may not welcome it sometimes. I beleive we should all take a moment and thank Ya Rabb ul Aalameen for what he has bestowed upon us wether its immense or scarce, let us not compare ourselves with those of who have it more than we do but those who have lesser and help them come up in life as well.

love, Hiba


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