10 “Would You rather” questions that would destroy you for ever!


I stumbled upon this site where there were 50 “Would you rather questions” and I thought I’d try answering 10 of them and see how destroyed I end up becoming! 🙂

OK! the first thing I uttered on reading these questions was “How RRrridiculous?”. You’ll know why, read on…

Q1.   Would you rather never have internet access again or never be able to take an airplane again?

My very first one is a tough one. I love travelling and I have traveled a lot during the past 2 and half decades practically from one year old. I would not want to really give up travelling/flying for anything but this question is ridiculous and it is making me feel “what the hell” already. I think when access to internet is what I was supposed to compromise flying with, Id have to choose internet. It is just so important in life.

Q2.   Would you rather have horrible acne that is only on areas that are covered with clothing or moderate acne that’s only on your face?

LOL! Acne! Seriously? I already have adult acne and I don’t feel embarrassed to mention that here. People have tons of problems and diseases and I think having acne wouldn’t really make me any lesser than anyone. There is so much to me than just a few acne on my face that appear every once in a while. Just that I might get annoyed my skin is very sensitive and it is hard to maintain but I must thank Allah for saving me from other incurable skin diseases or any disease for that matter. Alhamdhulillah. I’d have moderate acne (like I do) than have worse or wish not having any. Besides my husband says “that pimple on your cheek makes you look cute” who would wish for more?

Q3.   Would you rather cut off one of your fingers or pay $5,000 of your own money for the person you hate most to go on a spa vacation?

This one’s quite stupid. For the sake of it, I’d say I’ll pay 5000 dollars to my aunt and ask her to take a vacation with her kids. She lives in the UK. I’ll just tell her she needs a vacation and the kids need to have some fun too so travel on me this year. Who knows she might start to “fall for me” instead of religiously hating me ever since she entered our family. See how smiling at someone who frowns turns the whole situation in to? Besides WHO WOULD EVEN CUT OFF THEIR OWN FINGER? Unless of course I was more paranoid than sending my “FAVORITE” aunt on a free vacation.

Q4.   Would you rather have unlimited love or unlimited money?

I would choose to have both but I know it is against the rules. So, I’ll choose unlimited love. If you ask me in relation to my current life I’d say unlimited money, hehe because we are both earning and saving to buy a house and so on and LOVE is something I already have. Along the way when I have a lot of money (unlimited, WOW) then if I had no true love, what would all that money be worth? I would want a family to share my wealth with. I can live and enjoy my life alone, frankly I can and I like that too but now that I know what having a kid and a husband is like, I would not want to trade that with anything.

Q5.   Would you rather have unlimited money, power, and respect or unlimited sex?

HAHA! If you are a man reading this, I already hear your answer loud. I am a woman and I’d choose the former – Unlimited money, power and respect! Its all what a woman needs and did they miss LOVE on purpose? Man, who the hell came up with these questions??

Q6.   Would you rather have the superpower to fly or to become invisible?

This one’s a popular. I’d choose to go invisible. There is so much one could do being invisible. It would be cool and besides that it would help me know a lot without others’ knowledge. Flying would be good if at all it said fly from country to country. It just can get tiring even if it did, so i’d become invisible and travel in a plane, just sit on an empty seat if the flight was not full or maybe I’d sit where the air hostesses do (they only sit when it is going to land and take off so I’ll stand then 😛 ). It wouldn’t hurt. I am flying free.

Q7.   Would you rather have the best house in a shitty neighborhood or the worst house in a fancy neighborhood?

I would not mind where I live as long as I have a different world inside my house. Home is home and that’s where we spend our time after work and relax and do most of the stuff (I don’t need to elaborate). It is quite obvious having the best house in a shitty neighborhood sounds like the best choice. I can always get in to my car and get off that neighborhood whenever I need to.

Q8.   Would you rather die saving 10,000 strangers from death knowing no one would ever know it was you or live knowing everyone would know you decided not to save 10,000 people’s lives?

Of course, the former. We are all to die one day and the day is uncertain, so why not do the best thing I could and save 10, 000 other humans while I die. That would be the best since Allah will know and perhaps Allah will give me paradise just for that. Allahu Aalam!

Q9.   Would you rather everyone thinks your life sucks but it’s actually awesome or everyone thinks your life is shitty but it’s actually good?

I’d like my life to be awesome and I always pray nobody actually knows how awesome it is. It has to be satisfactory for me and that is what matters. In fact I try my best to keep away the best things that happen to me as a secret from many people in my life. I just either don’t like to boast or I don’t like to earn a lot of evil eye! It is again equally important to not bother about how awesome someone else s life is!

Q10.   Would you rather have an animal best friend that could be any animal you choose and it would be intelligent and speak to you (and you could ride it around town if it is a large animal like a bear) or be married to someone with a hot body?

If that guy with that HOT body also has a warm heart, then the later. As for the questions it does not have the option as a hot but idiot choice so I assume he is good. I don’t really want to talk to bears or fly on them and shit! I am practical and I hate pets! Yes. Even if it was a talking lion that flies 😛

So I have answered my 10 questions which I chose randomly. Hope you enjoyed reading them. The decisions people make says lot about their personality and mentality.

I nominate the following bloggers to choose any 5 questions from above and give their answers to them with reasoning. Let’s begin to see how different people think, leading to different decisions based on rationalization. You can tag me if you wish at the beginning of your post and start answering.

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