It is all meant to be……


I personally feel life should be devoid of “What Ifs” and “Why me” questions and we should all just accept the lemons thrown at us by LIFE and make either a lemon sorbet or lemon cream pie and settle with that! Just say Alhamdhulillah and go on with life. There might have been instances in all our lives when we might have thought of the “what Ifs’ and regreted and felt “why this rotten lemon at me?” but well Allah who is the All Knowing sends us the best and sends upon us no pain that we can not bear as he mentions in the Quran. Along the years as I mentally matured I have learnt to accept things I am blessed with and those that are taken away equally well. Even if Allah had given me two equally fresh lemons and I had chosen the wrong one, there is no one to blame (unless of course yourself andtake a self reflective learning from it). In such instances I have only said to myself, that “it is alright, I did pray Istiqarah before I decided and perhaps this is what Allah wants me to choose”. Dilemmas in life; whether to take this or that, to go here or there or befriend him or her and the list goes on and what we all need to remember is never to wonder, never to complain but to suck it up and practice patience InshaAllah.


1.   If something unlikely happened, let us say “Alhamdhulillah”. Who know if Allah had saved us from a greater problem.
2   If we lost some money, let us intend that on sadhaqah and pronounce ‘halal’ InshaAllah, for we do jot know if Allah prevented us from a greater decrease on our baraqat. Yet again, let us also think if we are giving enough charity, if we feel we are able to do more, InshaAllah let us do so for Sadaqah doesn’t reduce one’s wealth, it only increases our good deeds.wpid-e4f625b5c3af7e1e4e9b42d6bf9b9562.jpg
3.   We might have drawn a plan (with the Aeeman that if Allah wills) but it could go against our plan. We can not anger Allah. We should only accept it as it happens and belive that Allah has drawn upon us a BETTER plan. Thank the Rabbul Aalameen and move on. This should not also prevent you from making plans vor you and your family’s future. Allah does not ask us to live life without any purpose or plans. While planning with Allah’s will, we must as well be ready to accept what happens naturally along the way. We might make changes on our life decissions merely because of situational reasons. Allah beautifully leads us towards the path he has drawn for us. SunhanAllah Allah is the greates! We can always pray and ask from the Rabb to give us what we intend for only if it would give us the happiness he wishes to give.
4.   I might be too young to share life lessons but I have had my lessons of life and I have taken them for the rest of it until I cease. For me as I have come to understand, things do not happen that easily. It requires me to put in alot of hard work and dedication. But Alhamdhulillah I have been able to attain success at one point. As a  child I use to complain to my mom. She use to tell me what comes easily will npt last long and in life we need to earn it. If we put in our best to attain something InshaAllah Allah will keep it for eternity.

May Allah bless us all and give us the strength to be patient and have trust on Allah Subhanahoowa Tha’aala’s decissions.




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