Iftar around the Globe

The Iftar meal is perhaps the most anticipated meal of the day for muslims around the world. During this holy month of Ramadan, muslims who fast (abstain from eating, drinking and all kinds of major and minor sins to their best), from dawn to dusk break their fast at the time of sunset. The Sahri (the meal they take before sun rise) is the other meal that they can have within that day and this is to keep themselves going during the day until iftar when they can eat again. During the day they spend their time praying and reciting the Quran and doing all kinds of Ibadhah (good deeds). During this month a good deed done has multiple rewards written upon them as well as a bad deed would earn multiple punishments. Depending on the culture the Iftar table in each country differs and it is quite interesting to see certain staples that each country has on their menu. Apart from ofcourse the sunnah – the dates and the water, muslim mothers prepare a variety of delicacies to feed their family and to bring joy for the children and their husband. Here are some pictures of Iftar Around the World:

Melilla, Spainimage

Khartoum, Sudanwpid-slide_358925_3993365_free.jpg

Baghdad, Iraqwpid-slide_358925_3993353_free.jpg

Beijing, Chinawpid-slide_358925_3993358_free.jpg

Tehran, Iranwpid-slide_358925_3993349_free.jpg

Istanbul, Turkeywpid-slide_358925_3993348_free.jpg

Gaza City, Palestinian Territorieswpid-slide_358925_4006074_free.jpg

Kano, Nigeriawpid-slide_358925_3993364_free.jpg

Sanaa, Yemenwpid-slide_358925_3993363_free.jpg

Jakarta, Indonesia


Casablanca, Morocco


Tucker, Georgia, U.S.A.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Sydney, Australia


Nairobi, Kenya



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