Learn ONE new thing EVERYDAY


I had a colleague who has this habbit of ‘Learning One New thing Everyday’. Have you heard of that before? Neither has it even crossed my mind before I met this guy. He was a super enthusiast at work and he could almost fit in to any conversation from sports to religion. He’s very updated and well informed. Imagine learning one new thing everyday of his life? You could even start this very day and it could just go on and on until you search and learn things out of your usual zone. so I decided to give it a try. It did not really sound that difficult since we can choose to learn anything that interests us each day and the sources are readily available – through the Intrnet of course. My friend does a lot of research and he learns a lot about even things out of his area of study or job for that matter and he is almost like a walking googleman alraedy! Though I am not sure if I would be able to stick to this habit, I have decided to give it a shot! YOU CAN TOO!


There is ofcourse the usual browsing that we co when we are bored but this should differ from that. This is about learning;getting to know and su king it in for the rest of your life. You need to make sure you are going to remember it and put it in use and you should or if it is a skill you must keep practi ing it or teach others. Thee are tons of things we see each day and they just cross no more than our short term memory and fade away in time. I am sure you understand this thing is different 😉



Here are some of the topics I have learnt about and they can perhaps help you to get started on what to browse on and what to get to know. It could be a skill, a recipe, a ruling in Islam or your religion, a country and its culture, a computer program or software, a language (few vocabulary or how an entirely foreign language might sound like perhaps? You are thing Youtube? Yes I did the same) or even some fresh skill to improve your job.

  • Orygami
  • How does Swedish sound like? And a few vocabulary
  • How does German sound like? And a few sentences
  • Cost of living in 4 different  countries ( I just wanted to comlare and get to know how it is like to live there, expect a post on it some time soon)
  • Cross stiching
  • How to temper  chocolate and make ganache
  • Meanings of two of the surahs that I often use in Salah ( Al Naas and Al Ahad ) I have started praying by reflecting on its meaning and it keeps me focusec and helps me concentrate
  • Browsed and noted down some duas for daily zikr
  • Memorised the Qunoot
  • Some key aspects of women and their monthly cycle and Islamic rulings with regard to the same
  • How to write your name as a calligraphy
  • How to wrap hijabs for a full  overage and less attention seeking 😛
  • I have learnt tons of stuff from PINTEREST. It is practically the best place to get to know anything and it is a good place for you to start.
  • Loads of DIY ideas for home deco and craft
  • Many ideas of bringing up a toddler, activities, day-to-day communication and so on. It is all learning for your current child and evolving for your next 😉
  • This Ramadan I learnt a lot of new things too. Look for the post of RAMADAN 2015 here to know them.

The list just goes On ….

On reading my post, if you decide to try this, please leave a  comment below about your thought and expereince of it. I would be glad to read them and perhaps get some inspiration.

Cheers All,


9 thoughts on “Learn ONE new thing EVERYDAY

  1. This is nice. I did check few of your posts on Ramadan earlier, they were nice. I have been continuously following what your friend does. I am often called as walking google as well :$

    Though lately due to my odd work hours, I have not been able to continue my streak, yet learning continuous no doubt. I am re-organizing my self, seems a little tough, but a start never hurts.

    Thanks for sharing your beliefs. Keep sharing. 🙂

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    1. Im glad to have found another person who does the same… yeah being consistent with this can become challenging but that as u said should not hold us up from even giving it a try… keep reading more posts ive posted before nd yeah glad you were open minded to read my islamic posts too… good values can come from any religion… alhamdhulillah All praise be to Allah…

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