6 things that change in your life when you have a baby


These are definitely going to revolve around priorities but there are also things that change right side left (i mean 360 degrees). Based on my personal experience here are the 6 things that changed in my life and could possibly be in your life too when you have a baby.

Sleep cycle: You don’t sleep early, late or on time anymore, because you don’t sleep at all. Ok that is exaggeration. You just might have to sleep whenever you have time, which is most unlikely but then when you baby sleeps you can sleep too unless you had tons of other stuff you had to do when he sleeps, like clean, cook and organize. Haha! You will eventually get back in track and create a schedule of sleep time with of course the support of your baby.

Hobbies: If you use to have a hobby you will not have one after you become a mum (I’m  kidding read on…) because you will have tons of other things to focus on and even the little bit of free time you might have your mommy brain would want you to use it to do something related to your baby. So, after all your hobbies become relevant to your daily life like browsing about baby care, tips , baby food etc or watch similar shows, blog etc.

Cooking style and eating patterns/menu: So you use to cook a salad, 2 veges, rice, make soup, desert and some cakes and cookies whenever you craved them. However when you have a baby you would usually want to spend less time making fan y dishes at least during the first one year.

Your body: This goes without a say but with weight gain and changes in body shape comes body image problems. It is important to go back on a routine diet and work out at least to get back to your pre baby weight.

Your emotions and personality: Things that did not move you much would start to matter and sometimes startle you emotionally. You might get upset over another baby possibly skidding and falling down in a park while before the baby you just did not care. You did not understand what motherly love is u til you laid your eyes on the tiny human that just came out of your body. Your emotions change a lot and sometimes you can cry for things you did not cry on before.

Social life: In terms of meeting up with friends for coffee or shopping, there would be less time unless you have support at home. However it’s not all that bad you can meet them or invite them over for chats but you would suddenly feel your topics of conversations have changes from discounts, sale, newest trends, restaurants, and movies to best diaper brands, bulk baby item stores,  swaddling techniques, baby is sicknesses and everything baby care provided the friend you are meeting is in the same boat as you are. My social life became normal only after the 1st year since I had to look after my son all by myself.


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