Personality through Favourites


Knowing one’s favourite things can tell a lot about their personalities. It’s from what one likes that one’s priorities, knowledge about things, ambitions and needs and even experiences can be understood. It says quite a bit about people and their choices and decission making rationals. I have a habit of eventually asking questions about people’s favourites, a short while after I have started a conversation with some one new. I don’t go on with a long list all at once though, but perhaps the most important few that I think can help me draw a picture (remember i did not mention making a judgement). I usually spend days or even months of friendship and chats with people before I can make what is called a judgement. I still keep it open so that I don’t get shocked when things go against what I assumed/judged. Now that said, coming back to the subject : Favourites..

What I thought I’d do in this post is, write up some of my favourites. May be it helps you get to know me better. It kind of helps me refresh and update all my favourites as well. When we evolve so does our tastes. So just to keep it natural I asked help from my sister to interview me and keep it simple. So the questions are all hers. Here you go:

Book: “haha good start, you knew it I hated to read”, so yeah I don’t have one in particular. I’ve not finished up a novel I started in a very long time. I read magazines and only portions from it that interests me.

And what would those be?
“Relationship, sexual health, recipes, fashion, as a teen I use to like to read horoscope too” I loved Femina and Cleo magazines.

Food: “I love chocolate cakes, generally all gataeux nd berry and chocolate cakes, I also love a good classic Pizza.”

Fruit: Alfonso Mangoes, Sapota, Rambutan, Durian and Jack fruit

Vegetable: “okk… lol”… Cauliflower, beetroot, mushrooms

Workout routine you enjoy / love: “cycling class with the trainer and a whole bunch of gym buddies”

Diet plan: “your questions are highly unlikely to appear on a ‘favourites article’ haha anyway I like to stick to brown bread or chappathis with vegetable curries/subjis, I also like fruits and protein rich diet plans. However a No Cake diet plan would depress me”

Destination to travel: “I love travelling as much as I love eating chocolate cakes, I love holidaying in Malaysia,  I can never get tired with the place. I would love to travel around Australia and Tasmania next”

Cousine: “I love Italian and English food. I definitely enjoy Indian but if I had to pick it would be Italian”

Thing to do: ” To have coffee or high tea with a good friend, buffets with buddies, long chats on coffee, browse through pinterest and get insired for more shopping & of course shopping”

Movie: “the Notebook, the maid of Manhattan, I love movies of J Lo. I love other ovies too but I can’t remember. It totally depends on my mood”

Songs: “Depends on my mood again. I’ve not listened to songs in ages unless when I switch between channels, trying to reduce it all for religious reasons InshaAllah”

Actor: “Only Will Smith in English, Adhi Pinnisetti, Rana Duggapathi”

Actress: “J Lo, Jyothika”

Colour: “Gold”

Gadget: “A good professional camera, I don’t own one yet :(”

Drink: “I love Coffee, Cappuccinos mostly”


Fast food chain: “Broast from Riyadh, Popoyes from Louisiana, Kenny Rogers”

Won’t you give me a single answer for anything?

“I’d try for the next one.”

Clothing: ” I’d say a maxi dress, loose, flayerd, long sleeved and a funky hijab”

Makeup: “I’d be happy with just Kajal and fruity lip balm – nude tone”

Accessories:”A classy handbag, statement necklaces – a unique piece”


Brand: Fossil

Gift to give: “Depends on the person, I’d like gifts to convey a message on how much effort I’ve taken to pick that up for them, I try to keep it thoughtful and less vague and general.”

Gift to receive: “Handbags (or a voucher from a handbag store) haha, my choices are kind of unique and it is challenging for someone to pick something that I’d completely love, coffee mugs and Sachets of different types of coffee mixes”

Vehicle: Bentley – black only black

Utensil in the kitchen: “lol, a non stick wok”

Furniture: “bean bag if that counts and yes a king size bed”

Friend: “Pravena”

Thing about your hubby: “:) the fact that he does everything to keep me nd Ahran happy, MashaAllah and yes, he cooks better than I do ”

Thing about Ahran: “He is an understanding child, everything about him is my love”

Family Member: “Dad”

Relative: “Everyone” – for the better in them, things roll better that way especially when it comes to relatives”



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