Guest Post 1 – The Men Who Made Me

My first guest would be Fayaz Mahroof. ūüôā When I asked him for a guest article he agreed almost immediately (though he took some time to pen it down for me, i don’t complain knowing the busy guy he is).

While many of us take many things as these for granted, Fayaz was thoughtful enough to write an article on his Linked in page, just to announce The Men Who had made Who he is Today!

With all thanks to Fayaz, Here is what he writes……

The Men Who Made Me

gdsfdsg“The fact that my dad doesn’t feature in the list, should tell you something about where this article is going. ¬†As cliche as it may sound, almost all people i’ve met, have influenced me in some form : I call it, either good that can be picked up, or bad that be refrained from. ¬†Some though, have done a little more, they have¬†helped shape me into what I am today.

  1. It all began with my grandfather, whom I grew up with, in the busy streets of Pettah.  A man of not so many words, his actions were clear to be seen.  What I loved (and cherish) the most about him is that he did not hesitate to do what he felt was right.  He accepted that he might not be popular in the short run, but was confident he would be understood with time.  His currency was integrity, and today, long past his demise, that currency still holds value and acts as an insurance policy for the rest of us in the family.
  2. In my late teens, I chose to pursue CIMA, which¬†took me to ABS. ¬†Here’s where I learnt how to think, thanks to Gajendra Liyanaarachchi. ¬†His lectures were a novelty for me as he engaged his students more than anyone I had met. ¬†He asked questions all the time, I would happily shout out my perspectives, and with time I realised that they were actually in the right direction. ¬†I figured¬†I can think on my own, this gave me confidence, and I have never looked back since.
  3. My first job took me to Timex BPO, selling stuff over the phone. ¬†I had no clue of what to expect, and worse, I was so worried I would fail at my job. ¬†After about a week, one of my colleagues, Raj, took me to a corner and had a chat I would never forget! ¬†He told me, ‘these guys don’t like you’, and that I had to watch my back. ¬†I was hurt, angry, and lost, not knowing what to do. ¬†He advised, ‘go make sure you put some sales’. ¬†And that is where I learnt something interesting, people end up¬†associating with you if you deliver results. ¬†3 months later, my CEO’s mantra on the floor #BeLikeFayaz
  4. Fate would have¬†it that I walk into¬†the Capital Maharaja Organisation’s head office on my 19th birthday, and 6 months later end up in their English language channel, Channel 1 MTV. ¬†I got in¬†there with¬†no clue of how tv worked, nor how cameras looked,¬†all because¬†Chevaan Daniel¬†took a gamble with me.¬† During my tenure, he put me in so many situations¬†that I myself felt unprepared for, I may have even cursed him a¬†few times. ¬†In hindsight, I experienced courage, I dealt with impossibility, and I learnt to give people a chance; all¬†thanks of him. ¬†He taught me, to do!
  5. It is at MTV that I met Vidusha Nathavitharana, as the host of the talk show Nothing Personal which was telecast on MTV.  When I moved on, I happened to meet Vidusha, we got talking, and the next 6 years were spent at High5.  He believes in you (and yes, he does it with most people), in ways you nor others around you would not.  Perhaps its only our mothers who would believe in us as much.  What stood out to me (which I hope I retain in some form) is his genuineness; he does truly care for his clients, his team, his work, and somehow manages to stay humble despite being the intellect he is.

So… who is it that helped make YOU? ¬†Have you told them the difference they have made in your life?”


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