The Friendship of a Lifetime – Pravena

Friendship is the only relationship that can happen through choice. If that is true, then the BEST EVER CHOICE I HAVE MADE would be becoming friends with Pravena.


I was 19 when I met Pravena (she likes the way I pronounce her name b/w). She was one of our housemates. Three days after I arrived in Malaysia I met this girl, sitting on her bed and talking to a SriLankan ex-room mate of hers. She had just arrived from her hometown after her break/weekend. I introduced myself and that moment, never did I think that this very person would be my closest friend in the three years that was going to follow. I am sure we both did not expect to appeal to each other’s personalities so much.

With time I found Pravena to be someone who is extremely encouraging, motivating and a well wisher like no other. Can you imagine a GIRL who does not know to be JEALOUS? HAHA! At least from what I know about her, she has always appreciated others for their talents and never envied another woman for her positive attributes. What is more important is that Pravena lets me be MYSELF in her presence. I don’t really need to pretend to like something or dislike something because I needed to fit in. She is someone who gave me immense freedom in being who I am and she respected my choices and let me be ME. What more would one need from a friend especially when you are away from home in a new land with new people? I can only say I was blessed.


Pravena and I had a sense of respect for each other and had a cognitive and intellectual wavelength that complemented each other. There were certain things that I say that makes a whole lot of sense to Pravena  compared to trying to make some one else understand my point. It would be accurate to say she was always a better psychologist than I was and am. What she had was a born talent unlike mine – acquired through education. She could understand things so well and I always shared with her all my stories and secrets. 🙂 She gave advice like my mom. I am serious! In a given situation, Pravena would think like an experienced person and advice me and she for a fact knows that I am some one who decides for self and that doesn’t stop her from letting me know the possibilities of solving an issue. It is a great relief when we know that there existed someone who would NEVER judge you and always helps you figure out WHAT IS NEXT when we have a problem.

Now coming to ‘being’ my friend. As far as I know myself, I can say that to be my friend and to stay my friend it takes a little something. Honestly, I have few people that I call FRIENDS. Friendship has a definition in my books and every person I say Hi or bye or every person I involve with in completing assignments, everyone I go shopping or coffee with do not make my friends. They are acquaintances (the Hi Bye friends), class mates, buddies, that sort. I am a normal person and I am not overestimating myself here. I am only trying to convey that I open up and become close to very few individuals who I consider FRIENDS and in MY world there will not be another Pravena! I do not know about her or how she feels about me and in fact I dont care even if I was not this important to her but for me she is my bestest ever friend.


Its been 8 years since knowing her and we have had months without being in touch with each other but every time we happen to talk again, it would feel and sound as if we had just been in touch all along. Neither of us have changed in respective to the way we think about each other. we find ourself the same people we were during University years.

If you ask about one thing we miss so much at this juncture of both our lives, we would both agree it is our Uni Life.I experienced a lot of hurdles during my stay in Malaysia and emotionally Pravena had been a great support. My Uni life would not have been an experience I cherish so much if I had not have had Pravena in it. 🙂

Just getting this article written, brings beautiful memories to my mind. It kind of makes me emotional too. Some of the most significant memories of my Uni life including my birthday surprises, my hangouts, shopping, eating outs, lepakings (roaming about in KL) all include the company of Pravena. Whenever I was in the mood to spontaneously go somewhere or do something, she was always for it.


However, if there was one thing I had to have a check on it was that she was a person who needed personal space and there were times I have been an annoying freak when she was out of the mood. HaHa sorry about that Pravena. 🙂

Finally, an important thing about her is that she is a a person who has great concern and care for her family. I have not seen sibling love in any other person as much as what I have seen among Pravena and her siblings. Touch-wood and MashaAllah for that. I wish they stay tightly knit with love forever and at this juncture what I wish more than anything for Pravena is to find LOVE… to find that person who can be her BETTER HALF! For the amazing, smart, independent and courageous young lady she has become I am sure she deserves a great,fun loving, honest and respecting Husband!

Wish you Luck for everything Pravena…




6 thoughts on “The Friendship of a Lifetime – Pravena

  1. Hi! I’m so glad that you got to share this experience with my cousin. She truly is an amazing person. I believe it’s the way she comfronts family and close friends in a very genuine manner. I always look up to her as my bigger sister eventhough we don’t talk everyday. I’d like to call her my Don. Hahahaha. It’s amazing how this bond between the both of you has cherished over years and I wish you a happy friendship with Pravena for many more years. In fact, lifetime!

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    1. Wow! Honestly I did not expect anyone of her kin to comment here. I am glad you did. Glad you liked it. Pravena was so pleased with me sharing this on my blog as well. 🙂 Looks like she happens to be a blessing in her own way for many people out there.. 🙂


  2. Wow. This made my day.. So beautiful written! I know for sure that she cherishes her friendship with you and admires you just as much because she always tells us about you and your little cute son and your life in Jeddah.. Everything written is so true,especially the last paragraph. Can’t agree more. Hahaa. She’s a beautiful soul and we thank God every day that she’s our elder sister. She’s our guru hahaa.. She inspires us in so many ways and always has that crazy smile on, despite how her day goes. Thank you for this write-up. We appreciate it just as much as she does. It is truly beautiful. So so sweet of you. Good friendships worth cherishing are difficult to find these days. Cheers to yours with Pravena akka..We wish you all the very best in everything. May God bless you and your cute family. Hope to meet you soon ❤

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