27 and living Alhamdhulillah

It has been at least 3 months since my last post and I thought there could not be a better reason to write again since it is my birthday today. Nothing really great about announcing that it is my birthday here but there are tons of things I thought I should thank Allah for on this day. Firstly for my very existence Alhamdhulillah. Secondly My bumble bee has already started to sing “Happy birthday” now (he sings it as “Happy too youu too youuu”) when he sees any cake for that matter. And I have made a simple chocolate cake (my favorite) last night and he has already had his share before I frosted it. Point is he is speaking and he is a biggie boy (2 years last month). Being 27 and a mother of a 2 year old is somewhat the same thing I imagined my life’s timeline to go like. I did not want to be an old 1st time mom. I wanted to to have all my kids before 30 and I guess I have decided to stop with Ahran. 🙂 For a million good reasons YES! THAT for a later day!

So coming to the third point, well rolling over rough seas I have learnt what’s meant to happen would happen and the amount of life lessons I’ve learnt in this three years post marriage is just unimaginable. Like my husband says marriage just changed me into a whole different person however not a whole new person. I’ve evolved quite a deal and of course kept intact the rest of me for whenever required (the bubbly fun person comes out with the right friends). I have become more patient, learnt to trust more on Allah’s decisions and mellowed down a lot.

Finally, I’ve cooked over a 1000 different dishes in this past two years (in terms of variety) and I guess I must be very proud of that since I’ve not literally made anything in the kitchen until I was 25. I am basically a self taught cook. Primarily I try basic daily dishes (like dhall, vegetable curries) through taste and experience of ‘eating’ them. I know the spices that are likely to be in a particular dish based on my memory of how it looked, tasted and what it smelled like. I learnt to cook complex dishes by watching Vah Chef, Laura in the Kitchen and Rasoi Smart (savoury dishes) and Joy of Baking and Gretchen’s Bakery for cakes. These are just some amazing Youtube Channels from which we can learn diverse styles of cooking. You should check them out too 🙂

What I am looking forward to:

This year I believe would bring some new experiences in my life. I must either start working again or start my Specialisation as soon as possible and I pray Allah would support me in the same. Ahran’s growing up fast and I want to be there for him and guide through his development in every possible way. I am looking forward to becoming a mom who takes care of work and home equally well and that is the kind of mom I see myself as. Wish me luck for this guys! I only need that I don’t want a birthday wish 😉 haha!





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