Task 2.1 : Who should pay for old age care, the Government or the Family?



             In the current world regardless of the country, it has become a growing trend that people prefer to live in nuclear families and most often prefer not to take care of elderly family members at home. People have a variety of reasons to do so, such as having to work, look after their own kids, fulfil other commitment and so on. As a result they opt to admit such elderly family members at an old age home. I strongly believe that in today’s fast paced world when people are so busy and sometimes unable to take good care of their own selves, they would not be good caretakers for their old relatives or parents. Old age homes are specialised in taking care of such people and solely built for the purpose. Hence this idea is not all that evil or bad as perceived. It is in fact good for both parties. However, the question is whether the Government should pay for it or the family.
           My opinion on this is that the family should at least partially contribute financially in looking after their relatives. The Government should contribute about 80% while the family should show their responsibility by contributing at least 20%. I believe in doing so, the family members do not completely become detached from their old parents/relatives. For example, they would often be able to visit their parents at the home and show some love and care towards them. Moreover it makes them feel a sense of responsibility towards them in making sure that their contribution is used in proper maintainance of their parents’ health and wellbeing.
                Having said that, the Government should take up the larger toll since,  this kind of care is quite expensive and the old age population is significantly large at least when considering the UK. Therefore, when the government is responsible for this, it becomes a more organised entity where proper services are provided with adequate number of nurses and caretakers. The government can also allocate enough funds so as to improve conditions for the elderly at old age homes and provide improved equipments, beds, aminities, healthcare etc. If the entire responsibility was on the family, it would not be possible to provide best quality of service since not every family can pay a lot of money.
                 As a conclusion, it is understandable that old citizens of a Nation should be the Government’s responsibility as well as that of their family, It should be a joint endeavour in contributing to make sure their elderly are safe, secure and healthy. As a Nation, the larger responsibility lies on the government in doing this than individual families.
TIME TAKEN: About half an hour!

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