I am Hafsha Mohideen, currently a Content writer working with some of most successful brands in Sri Lanka. Professionally I am a Psychology graduate with experience in HR, recruitment, employee engagement, training and development, IELTS coaching and psychology lecturing. Currently my focus is on polishing myself and excelling in my new interest; content building and helping brands tell their unique stories in the most interesting ways.

I started off blogging as a hobby when I took a break from full time work for a couple of years during my pregnancy and afterwards. It happened to be a platform where I could speak out loud to the world, express my take on many things and be heard at the same time.

In a nutshell I am practical, straightforward, realistic and yeah haha! BOLD n WITTY!

P.S., Do write to me if there is any topic in particular you would like me to write on!

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Hafsha M


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Assalamu’alaikum, Sister! Glad to meet you here! Thank you so much for following my poor blog. I’m an English learner. I use my blog for practicing my English writing. I’d love to see your beautiful posts. TQ

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    1. Thnk u for ur humble words… ive noticed ur comments on idah’s blog nd how nice and humble u are… thought i should visit ur blog nd i did.. InshaAllah im sure there r content that interests me in ur blog.. i need to scroll down nd read on when i have time InshaAllah. . U too visit mine whenever possible. Nd suggest if thre is anything in particular u wud like to read from a srilankan mislimah 🙂 dats me hehe…

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  2. Hi Mrs. Hiba! You have a nice blog! 🙂
    My sister is studying Psychology at University and everyday she always likes to read my mind haha I don’t know if she learns that from the lectures or just want to have some fun with me.

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    1. Hehe, thank u.. do keep reading my posts and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to comment on as a post in the future. Promps help me come up with topics. Well, as psychology students one thing that we wee never taught was to read minds … haha yes, as much as we are all stigmatised with that none of us actually do that as a profession (for fun may be yes)… we only learn to understand behaviours interpret behaviour and also modify them…. so looks like shes having some fun with u… but there is something involving judging ur personality looking at pictures you may draw…or ur handwriting or ur signature.. etc ask her if she knows those…


      1. hehe.. yes, i think that’s what she’s trying to do, to interpret my behavior. Maybe she’s just practicing for the exams or something but anyway I enjoy it though 😉 I think Psychology students are all good friends to be with

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      1. InshaAllah hopeI can write something informative in Islam in d future. Im also still learning through exploration of hadheethnd videos of ulamas… my fav r Dr Zakir Naik and Sheikh Mufthi Menq

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