When it comes to sharing recipes I believe I should be completely HONEST. I’m sure you might have come across those who don’t really share the “best bit/secret step” of some of their recipes when we ask them how they made a particularly decadent dish! So My Policy here, would be that I would share only those recipes that I have personally tried and found to be a success. I would also share with you the locally (SriLanka) available ingredients that I used instead of some of the foreign brands that the original recipes may call for and if it had worked then I would suggest them for you! 🙂 How nice of Me? haha!

Most of my Recipes would be “EASY to make” and less time-consuming considering that I am a mum of a little brat who ardently HATES when MAMA IS AWAY doing something that she likes. In other words you could try my recepies when your kid is taking his petty naps or when perhaps your toddler is at kindergarten.

Most certainly I would also share some of the recipes that I created myself. Being at middle school I have written a whole cook book on my own (not the publishing type of course). It was for an exhibition at school! 🙂 So over the years I have grown heaps and I have some really enriched and successful recipes that are entirely from my own hemispheres! 🙂

You can Click away and enjoy trying out my recipes. GOOD LUCK with them!

Here are the links:

  1. Chocolate Mug Cake in 2 Minutes 
  2. Baked Chocolate Doughnuts / Muffins
  3. BBQ Chicken 
  4. Garlic Bread with Prawns
  5. Creamy Crunchy BBQ Salad
  6. Homemade Mojito
  7. Homemade Pina Colada
  8. S’mores
  9. Sugar Muffins

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