Product/Brand Reviews

Social media marketing helps develop businesses in a large-scale at a fast pace. If you prefer to have your brand, product or service reviewed for FREE please contact me via the following email ID:

Please note that all brands reviewed here would be based on my personal opinion once I have personally experience the service or used the product. I would also review blogs/websites.

Business Consultation:

Apart from reviewing, I also provide consultation services for small business development. Being a Psychologist with an interest in marketing and business, I have helped improve many small scale businesses in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. I am hoping to work with local firms in SriLanka as well. Having a multinational exposure, it helps me draw a good picture on consumer perspectives and needs while understanding the marketing requirements of business leaders.
Please contact me via the same email ID mentioned above for consultation.

Clients I have worked with in SriLanka:

The Beach – All Suite Hotel 

The Lagoon Villa

O2 Store

The Edge Group (Pvt) Ltd

Sunway Boutique 



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